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Alay Buyer Testimonials

We love to hear how much our Home Buyers love Alay! Read what they have to say about their purchase experience and new community!

“As millennial homebuyers and a family of six, when we began looking for a new home for our family, we wanted to find a place that was modern and close to shopping, but we also wanted a family feel. If you know anything about the area, you know how difficult it is to find all that we’re looking for and SPACE! After searching for quite sometime, we stumbled upon the Alay community and was immediately sold on all that it had to offer. The sales associates were knowledgeable and answered any questions that we had. The community itself is affordable, modern, has a back yard, is close to shopping centers and less than a mile from our children’s current school! There is nothing more that we could ask for. We can not wait to move into our new home and take advantage of all that it has to offer!”

- Caneisha F.

"We are first time home-buyers looking for homes in the Chula Vista area but everything we saw had a few things missing. Our last stop of the day was Alay. We were instantly impressed by the fact that the garage was in the front. Inside was even better as it was a bigger space than we expected. Great extra space on the bottom floor with it's own full bath and large storage. The master bedroom was cozy with more than enough closet space. Finally, what won us over was the second floor. It was one of the few homes we saw that had a separate dining area so it looked more open. We also loved the fact that there were a lot of windows and natural light coming inside the home.
After imagining ourselves living here, we immediately spoke to the sales staff, Corey Carpenter. It was the end of the day and he was still extremely helpful. Over the next few weeks, we had a rollercoaster of emotions but he eventually got us to fall in love even more with the place. He was knowledgeable about the area and upcoming development. He provided us with information of this up and coming location. Ultimately, we feel that Corey was the reason why we decided to stick it through. We understood that there were a lot of ups and downs in purchasing a home. He convinced us that this was the perfect lot for us. Thank you Corey for noticing that this was the home we were looking for and helping us through this journey."

- Marvin & Valerie F

"It was pure luck that we found Alay at Otay Ranch. It has everything we were looking for excellent schools, close to the mall, nice design of the house, and in our budget. But still we were thinking it is the perfect place but as always they will not accept our offer and someone else will get it. We were really surprised when Cory told us that our offer has been accepted. I want to say a big Thank you to Cory who was always available to help us and who made the purchase experience very smooth. Cory, Thanks again for the great work."

- Zohra & Amine

"Alay is unique and provides a perfect home for people who are looking for a more urban and easy walking distance access kind of lifestyle.  I remember walking in the sales office, through the model homes, and telling Cory that 'it’s the perfect place to be if you want a little bit of both urban and suburban lifestyle'. The floor plans are beautiful.  Location is perfection.  Also, every associate is warm, friendly, and helpful.  You already feel at home after your first visit.” 

- Dianne M.

"Reasons we picked Alay: We really love the design and floorplan for our first home plus the smart home features that are included are a plus! Also, the sales staff were great about making the process easy!"

- Lisa & Matthew M.

"We both decided to go with Alay because we liked the layout and flow of the floor plan for Residence 3. The downstairs bedroom in Residence 3 was big and also had a large walk-in closet. This room was perfect for us because we easily saw it as a room for my parents who will be helping us to take care of our baby. We also liked that we get to have a backyard and a deck, which gives us more areas to entertain our future guests. Alay definitely felt brighter and much more spacious compared to some of the single family homes we tour in the Otay ranch area. Another advantage for us for choosing Alay is that we are so close to many shopping centers, which is super convenient and we are also closer to our family who also live in the Otay Ranch neighborhood. Last but not least, the sales staff was very welcoming, personable and kind and they made it easy for us to choose Alay without any hesitation. Buying a home with Alay felt like it was meant to be for us because the timing was perfect for us when we toured the homes and the phase was just released."

- Kristoffer & Kimberly A.


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