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Fall Furnishing Series: DIY Crafts (Pt. 2 of 3)

Here's 7 fun crafts to bring out your inner child. Fun for everyone!

1. Pumpkin Baskets & Planters

Why not try something new with your pumpkins this year? Cut the top quarter of a flat pumpkin and scoop out the pulp and seed. Attach lengths of grapevine or wiring just below the opening with T-pins. You can either create a handle and pinning just inside the opening of the pumpkin or leave as is. Let the inside dry and you have yourself a fun bowl to add to your fall décor.

If you are a fan of succulents, your basket can easily be converted to a planter. Fill your pumpkin with soil and replant your succulents. Just be sure you don’t overcrowd your succulents in your pumpkin planter.

2. Pumpkin Truffles

These edible treats are something people of all ages can enjoy making at home. Crumpled pumpkin bread mixed with cream cheese frosting are rolled, chilled and decorated in orange and chocolate candy coating to create moist cake truffles. No baking needed. 

3. Origami Pumpkins

For those who enjoy origami or have always wanted to learn, why not decorate your table with these cute and easy little origami pumpkins?

4. Leaf Bowls

Paper Mâché is an arts and craft that many remember fondly of in elementary school and can now relive again. This craft is simple and fun for kids and can create a unique and stylish bowl for your home using some fall colored leaves and MODPOD.

5. Fall Tablespace

Tablescapes are a great way to spruce up your dinning room and can greatly change the feel of the space. With fall coming up, why not celebrate the season by creating this elegant table centerpiece from A Piece of Rainbow? Quick and easy to make with simple materials.

6. Fall Leaf Bouquet

Flowers in the home are always nice for brightening a room but can sometimes be expensive or even worse, bring out one’s allergies. This unique and fun DIY will give you a way to have a bouquet of flowers without putting a dent in your budget or affecting your sinuses.

7. Pumpkin Tea Candle Holders

Mini pumpkins are popular décor for fall, whether real or fake. One way to spice them up is to convert them to tea candle holders that can be used for your dining table centerpiece.  Taking a tea candle and a pen, draw an outline of the candle on the top of the pumpkin. Carefully cut around the outline, then take out enough for the candle to sit neatly in the pumpkin and there you have it! 


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