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Fall Furnishing Series: Interior (pt. 1 of 3)

Fall has arrived! Brisk air is on the way and there’s nothing better than cozying up inside with hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. We’re here to help you transition your home and give it an easy autumn feel. Here’s 7 ideas for fall furnishings!

1. Fresh and Cozy Textures

Coziness starts at the bottom and works its way up (fuzzy socks, yes please!) Texture rugs are in right now, so this fall try one in autumn leaf colors like dark green, burnt orange, or walnut. While you’re picking out rugs, think about adding textured throw pillows and blankets to your couch. You’ll be snuggled up in no time. Our favorites? Tufted or woven rugs for fall, and fleece blankets! Add in a woven decorative pillow for a bit of sturdiness to offset the fluff and you’re good to go!

2. Embrace Nature

We might not see a huge change in the seasons in southern California, but you can easily fake it in your own home by embracing nature indoors. Fill a vase with dried eucalyptus (they often come dip dyed in deep greens, purples, oranges and maroons) and woody magnolia branches for an easy and low maintenance table piece or go for a traditional harvest look and bring in some unique pumpkins and squash for décor. They come in a variety of colors like trendy blue-greens, whites, yellows, and speckled and classic orange. If you have a fire place, add a stack of fire wood to your living room corner- just make sure to check for spiders before bringing it in!

3. Fall Scents

Have a home where autumn joy is in the air. Literally. And no, we don’t mean by constantly baking apple and pumpkin pie (although if you really want to…). Try some fall scented essential oils or diffusers for an easy way to keep the fall feelings going. And of course, it’s hard to go wrong with scented candles – they basically do double duty – creating warm, happy scents and providing a bit of ambience and décor when lit or unlit.

4. Break Out The Lotion

It’s fall which means we’re kicking off two things, holiday parties and events, and cooler, drier weather. Put out lotion for both you and your guests to use when your skin starts to dry out. If your lotion bottle isn’t quite blending in with you home décor, transfer the lotion into a pretty soap dispenser or slip on a reusable bottle sleeve. Our favorite spot? Place the lotion on a side table near the front door or a frequently trafficked area so you can grab a little on your way in or out of the house!

5. Make Room For Colder Weather Clothes

While it might not get below freezing in Southern California, it still can be chilly enough for boots and jackets, and it’s important to create a space so they don’t clutter up the house! Get a standing coat rack or boot shoe box to ensure that none of your cold weather clothes get crumpled. Pick a color, metal or wood stain that creates a cozy feel (we recommend warmer finishes or antiqued metals!).

6. Fall Wreaths

Forget what you thought about wreaths being exclusive to snow-coated holidays (and front doors). Indoor, fall themed wreaths are all the rage, and since they’re often created using dried (or fake) plants they won’t wilt on warmer fall days! Choose a wreath that showcases your household personality- whether its dusty desert tones, sparkly mini pumpkins or a full fall foliage! Hang yours on a wall that needs a touch of fall and see how it transforms the whole room.

7. Cookie and Treat Jar

Fall means it’s time to put away the popsicle makers and break out the (pumpkin spice) baked goods and candies! Set out a fall themed cookie or treat jar that everyone can enjoy (and sneak sweets out of!) Just make sure to get one with a good lid so that nothing goes stale or attracts unwanted pests. Fun tip: Get a plain jar at a craft or home good store and paint it yourself for a very personal fall touch.


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