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Fall Furnishing Series: Outdoors (Pt. 3 of 3)

The last part of our series concludes with outdoor décor and ways you can spice up your back and front yard with an autumn feel. Living in beautiful SoCal allows you to take full advantage of the fresh all year-round and the brisk fall/winter season is no exception. Here’s 7 ideas to give the outside of your home photo-worthy backdrops.

1. Rocking chair

Get some fresh air and take your new reading spot outside. Add a plaid blanket and a small side table for the perfect complement to an autumn-themed porch.

2. Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. A floral display in rich autumn colors will make your entry warm and welcoming. For an alternative style, you can combine wood slices, twigs, or corn husks or create a homemade wreath with items found on your property.

3. Pumpkin trail

Line your stoop or walkway with an assortment of pumpkins and gourds in a variety of sizes. Try layering and interlacing them with ivy and other greens to get a natural pumpkin-patch look. You can even add foliage to your pumpkins with pressed leaves and doilies to add a bit of flavor. One last twist you can try - cut out the top and fill them with succulents – a free and unique vase.

4. Colorful mums

Mums and fall go hand in hand. Use a mix of classic fall colors (yellow, orange, red) and unexpected whites, pinks, and purples for fun arrangements. Mums are easy to keep care of and extend their life span to reuse during the next season.

5. Hanging corn

Hang dried corn (especially Indian corn) adding color and texture to any setting. Tie a few cobs together for a simple arrangement to hang on your door or porch railing.

6. Hanging lanterns

Curling up outside is even cozier when you’ve got hanging lanterns above. The lantern will give a subtle atmosphere as you cuddle up with your hot chocolate. If it’s in your budget, adding a fire pit will perfectly complete the setting.

7. Wicker sofa and chairs

Create a lounge area in your home’s outdoor patio and top the cushions with neutral-colored throw blankets and plaid pillows for an autumn feel. Not only will they add a cozy look to your porch, they’ll keep you warm on chilly fall nights!


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