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Is Your Kitchen Ready for Warmer Weather?

Summer is well underway but with months of hot weather and BBQ-ing still ahead in Southern California, it’s not too late to get your kitchen warm-weather ready! Here’s our best tips to make your summer go a little smoother. More fun, less work in the kitchen!

Popsicle Molds & Reusable Straws – Cleaning Brushes! Everyone knows that hot weather is the time for cool popsicles and drinks. Recipes for DIY popsicles and cool drinks are abundant, but what about the clean up? For easy clean up in hard to reach places that a dishwasher might not work well on – like the bottom of popsicle mold or metal straws – use cleaning brushes!

Wooden skewers in water bottles. When it comes time to fire up the grill, kebabs are a popular and delicious choice. Keep a tall water bottle on-hand in your kitchen to soak wooden skewers for about 30 minutes before you use them. This will stop them from burning up and breaking while your food cooks.

Freeze-ahead! Marinades are great but also a little tricky because they require forethought and preparation. Make the process just a smidge easier by making marinade in-bulk and freezing it in Ziploc bags. But that’s not the only thing that works great pre-prepped and frozen. Frozen cut fruit is a great way to keep cool, and not let fresh produce go to waste. Our favorites? Frozen oranges and grapes!

Mint & Basil - Keep bugs away and a fun garnish/ingredient! From succulents to fiddle leaf ferns, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside is a popular interior design choice. But some herbs might do double duty in your kitchen. Mint and Basil are popular choices of natural bug repellants, known for keeping away flies and mosquitos. You’ll want these on your counter tops when you have doors and windows open! Bonus points for getting to use fresh herbs in all your drinks and meals.


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